The Christmas Gift Guide

Are you still wondering what to gift this Christmas season to your loved ones?or is it time to play secret Santa with your colleagues.Whatever be your reason to buy gifts this season, here is your Christmas Gift Guide:

1.Beauty Products

You can either buy a readymade gift set available in the market or if you wish to make the gift more special customise & create a gift hamper.The Body Shop has some luxurious Christmas gift hampers to choose from.

A tip here is, in case the person you are gifting is obsessed with any particular type of product, you can gift them an assorted box of the products they love, like I got myself this assorted box of different types of soaps from the brand Khadi for Diwali (here is a picture of the same)

2. Confectioneries

In case the person you are gifting is a foodie like me πŸ˜› then the best thing to gift is a delectable gift hamper full of cupcakes, cookies and yes do not forget the Gingerbread Man!!

3. Stationery Kit

If you have to gift a friend who is always busy with college & studies then the best thing to give them is a cute colourful stationery kit
You will find a variety of them on Romwe and Miniso

4. Accessories

In case you don’t know much about the choices of the person you are gifting stick to basics like giving accessories like a bag, earrings etc

Since it’s party season with Christmas followed by New Year’s Eve, look for party wear accessories.

5. Pullovers

A warm pullover with some Christmassy print would be an ideal gift option (This one is something that I am personally looking forward to….. I hope you heard that Santa πŸ˜‡ )

6. Books

As simple as it may sound but for the person you are gifting, this could be a prized possession.

Look for books like A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens or Silent Night: The story of the WWI Christmas Truce by Stanley Weintraub.

Whatever gift you choose to give the trick is to make it Christmassy. I hope you all enjoyed reading this post, also let me know if there are some more ideas you can think of to make this Christmas gift truly special

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13 thoughts on “The Christmas Gift Guide”

  1. Beautiful tips for Christmas gifts. Simple gifts but you will make receivers feel so important.
    I am just back from US after 2 weeks stay, You have perfectly displayed the gifts as I could see in US

    Liked by 2 people

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