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Welcome to Pashion, a Lifestyle blog where I write for the Beauty with Brains about Fashion, Beauty, Health & many other topics that I am passionate about.

About the Blogger- Aiswarya Prabhu

After having completed my Graduation and Intermediate level of Chartered Accountancy, it is time to bring out my passion for writing. I love 💖

  • My Family & Friends
  • Wonder Woman
  • Being beautiful inside out
  • Food (I believe in live to eat !)
  • Health& Fitness ( In spite of being a Foodie)
  • Fashion
  • To know more about the place we live
  • Finally WordPress ! that gave me a platform to explore my ‘Pashion’

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Disclaimer: Opinions in the blog are of my own unless otherwise stated and what may work for me may not work for you, so it is advisable to enquire well & do a patch test if possible before you use any services & products mentioned in the blog