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Quarantine Day 1 : 10 things to do at Home

Hello everyone !

We have challenging days ahead of us and the least we should do is sit at home. Although this should be pretty simple but natural human tendency to act exactly opposite to what is told seems high or may be many are still not aware of the seriousness of the problem or may be people are just being INDISCIPLINED !

And in midst of this, we do have many people who are doing their best to be at home and when we have this opportunity to be at home most of us do not really know what to do ! Most of us just keep tagging each other posting stories on Insta ! Although I am not against it but I believe we will never get this time again, where we can just sit at home and make the most of it. I would like us to make the most of this opportunity to do something productive. So what do we do at home – this is just the start of quarantining and most of us are already bored !

Considering the situation I thought to make the most of it and get something for all of us to read and implement.

So Let’s get started !

1. Wfh – work from home!

Many of us have been allowed to wfh ! (work from home as we call it) and so we have to focus on the tasks allotted to us and get our work done on time.This also means balancing between work and personal time so be mindful !

2. Sanitise and Organise

This is one of the main things to do currently and should not be considered as an option but rather a compulsion- sanitise the door knobs, things bought from the market or ordered online, TV remotes and places touched by most family members in the house with cleaning liquid. Sanitise all forms of fomites (fomites refer to those items that can carry the virus)

And for all those who could not find your pair of socks or are tired fighting with an overflowing cupboard, this is your chance to treasure hunt that sock ! or save the closet and get things organised.

3. Help family member working in Essential services

You might be fortunate to be at home but remember you are not completely safe if you have a family member working outside in essential services and the best way to honour them is by lending a helping hand. For eg. once they are back from work cover yourself with mask first and help sanitise their belongings like masks, clothes, watch, mobile phone, tiffin box, stationery and bag at the same time following all safety precautions.

It’s your duty to help them work safely as well, so prepare good home made food for them, serve them food items that give them energy and help build immunity.

4. Online studies

Wanted to learn fashion styling or creative writing or planning for entrance exams, this is the best time to get some skills and certifications and to pursue your interests. Make the most of the time to build on your interests through free or paid courses.

5. Spread Awareness not Virus !

I understand we would like to be in the company of our family and friends at this time but in the current scenario with all the latest technology we have, this can be done by maintaining social distancing. Call your grandparents, relatives, friends and educate them about the precautions to take in the current situation.

An addition here would be to help senior citizens in your society – since they are at a high risk and should not be going out under any circumstance. Speak to them to know if you can help them in any way (always take necessary precautions)

6. Online shows and movies

Sit back and relax watching online shows, series and movies with your family.However I would suggest to not binge watch and limit your time of watching online shows and movies.

7. Reading

I believe we should go offline by reducing the load on Wifi and Internet and keep it for those working from home and limit the use of internet by not binge watching.
Reading books is a good way to unwind and not just that but also helps you get knowledge, improve vocabulary and to live a tale !

8. Hobby Time and Games

It’s the perfect time to sit at home – draw, sketch, stitch, cook or play an instrument that you know. Work on YouTube videos or write blogs (like I am doing now :-P). Research about your favourite/trending topics- FinTech, climate change, artificial intelligence, sustainability and styling etc.

This is also a time wherein you can enjoy playing games eg.card games, carrom board etc. with your family members at the same time following safety precautions that have been prescribed.

9. Exercise

For all of us who had an excuse ready in our pockets to skip workout, now is the time to workout at home – by watching basic workout videos on the internet, doing yoga and stretching !

10. Get enough rest. Sleep !

Travelling took so much of our time and now being at home gives us the liberty to sleep a little extra ! so do it get some rest. Doctors recommend sleeping for 7-8 hours helps the body to build immunity which seems like the only option left to somewhat save ourselves from the current situation.

I do not see any reason why we should be getting bored in our house ! Remember to use the resources at home judiciously (sustainably). Remember this is no joke- one person’s mistake is going to cost all of us. Please be disciplined.

#SpreadAwarenessNotVirus #Stayhome #Staysafe

Hope you all enjoyed this article. Planning to come up with more articles to help us sail through tough times. Let me know if you have any suggestions

Yours Pashionably

Aiswarya Prabhu

If you are a suspect for the virus or have been awaiting your Covid 19 results . Then kindly consult your medical consultant before doing any of the above
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The Body Shop Haul : Peppermint Candy Cane collection

Christmas, holidays, party time are all over now and it is time to get back to work. It just feels like there is a vacuum; all that christmassy mood is gone so quick but don’t worry The Body Shop (TBS) is here to remind us everyday with their beautiful Peppermint Candy Cane range of bath & skincare products. Also to find that most of these products were on flat 50% sale was like a cherry on the cake 🙂

This year TBS had come up with two special christmas collections; one was Bon Bon and the other one was the Peppermint Candy Cane. Both these collections looked equally appealing to me however it was the Peppermint Candy Cane fragrance that pulled me like iron particles to a magnet towards it; true to its name the fragrance of the refreshing mint with the sweetness of the candy just makes me want to eat it !So today I am going to talk about my recent purchases from this particular collection of The Body Shop. All these products were bought from TBS store in Inorbit mall, Vashi.

What I truly loved about all these products that I bought were its typical Christmas theme; a combination of red & green colour with candy cane design on it and once again the fragrance.. I just cannot get over it !

So let’s get started!!

1. Peppermint Candy Cane Shower Gel

    I bought this to gift it to my friend who is huge fan of shower gels and I felt this one will surely brighten my beloved friend’s day !!

    It was priced at Rs.595 for 250 ml but I got it at flat 50% (feels like an achievement lol 😛 )

    2. Peppermint Candy Cane Soap

    I am more of a soap lover than a shower gel only because it helps me bathe quickly unlike when I use a shower gel I can just go on and on with bathing. This one is a green coloured round shaped soap different from the regular TBS soaps which are rectangular bars

    It was priced at Rs.395/- for 75 grams which was definitely expensive but since this one was on sale, it was priced somewhere around Rs.199

    3. Peppermint Candy Cane Scrub

    I bought this product on being recommended by a friend, who said it was a wonderful experience using this scrub.

    The original price of this scrub was Rs. 1895/- for 250ml (Expensive for sure) but I got it for half the price on sale

    4. Peppermint Candy Cane Body Butter

    Last but not the least my favourite skincare product in winters is a body butter especially the ones from TBS since they are good in keeping the dryness away at the same time you don’t need to use a strong perfume as the fragrance of the butter lingers around you for quite sometime

    While the original price was Rs.1595/- for 200 ml, I had to pay half the price due to the on going sale

    I was never a fan of huge sales or discounts as I believed it is just a gimmick to fool the shopaholic customers into buying the products but for a change the TBS sale convinced me that all sales or discounts may not be a gimmick. It is best to make use of such sales or discounts to buy gifts for your friends & family or store them for your future use as they are generally a lot more expensive to buy.

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    Disclaimer:The opinion is solely of my own and what may work for me may not work for you, so it is advisable to enquire well & do a patch test if possible before you use any of the services & products mentioned above
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    Tea Culture of the World : Skin Glow Tea Review

    When it comes to drinking herbal teas somehow I don’t really enjoy the plain green tea, not that I hate it but then I don’t even love it. So while I was on my regular grocery shopping in Hypercity-Vashi; I came across this sales girl who was selling some amazing teas in different colours stored in huge glass jars and I was curious to know more about it. From all the varieties of teas that were shown to me I chose to buy the Skin Glow Tea.

    Today I am going to review Tea Culture of the World Skin Glow Tea, so let’s get started.

    Since it was being sold in loose quantity, I do not have the exact list of the ingredients in the tea, however based on my conversation with the sales girl, the mixture contains the following ingredients :

    • Rose petals
    • Chrysanthemum flowers
    • Tea leaves
    • Almonds

    • The aroma of the rose petals & chrysanthemum flowers is rejuvenating and the almonds just add a nutty flavour to it
    • I had to pay Rs.600/- for 50grams packet which surely sounds expensive, however you will need only 1 tbsp to make one cup of tea and the same tea leaves could be reused thrice in one day (Please note that this must not be used on the next day)
    • Preparing this tea is quite simple, just add 1 tbsp of the tea leaves to 1 1/2 cup of water and boil it, depending upon how strong you like your tea you can boil it accordingly
    • Consuming this tea regularly will help soothe & glow your skin, however I am yet to see this happening once I start drinking this regularly

    Here are a few pictures of the tea that I made..

    To sum up the Pros and Cons:


    • A must try for those who are looking for an alternative for green tea
    • The aroma is mild & mesmerising (catches your attention instantly)
    • The blend of the flowers and almonds together gives it a tasty flavour
    • Unlike certain teas that should preferably be consumed at a specific time of the day, this tea can be consumed at any time
    • Regular consumption of the tea helps clear our skin (I am yet to consume this regularly to notice the difference)


    • Even though the tea leaves would last long but I would still consider this as expensive
    • Availability could be a problem since it may not be available in all general grocery stores
    • Since it is sold as loose tea leaves it is not a very travel friendly option. Had this been in tea bags it would have been much more convenient to use

    Overall I really enjoy drinking this tea and it is a good option for those who are looking to try new types of healthy teas.

    I would rate it as 7/10 :-), you can find this in Hypercity Vashi or check their website for online ordering

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    Disclaimer:The opinion is solely of my own and what may work for me may not work for you, so it is advisable to enquire well & do a patch test if possible before you use any services & products mentioned in the review
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    Swiss Tempelle – Deep Purifying Face wash Review

    With so much pollution around, our skin gets easily covered with grime and all we need is something that helps to make our skin clean & supple.

    Today I am going to review Swiss Tempelle – Deep Purifying Face wash.This was a random purchase that I made when I suddenly remembered at the payment counter that I had to buy a face wash. You can find this in any of the outlets of the Future Group (BigBazar, EasyDay).I bought it from EasyDay.

    So let’s get started,

    Name: Swiss Tempelle – Deep Purifying Face wash

    Price: Rs. 125 for 100ml

    Here is the list of the ingredients mentioned on the face wash, in case you wish to know

    • The face wash has a nice herbal fragrance
    • The texture & consistency is similar to that of a liquid transparent gel
    • Even if you use more quantity of the face wash, it doesn’t lather much to create foam
    • It does make the skin a bit dry but that is only for a few minutes after which the skin feels normal
    • It made my skin feel fresh & rejuvenated everytime I use it

    To sum up the Pros and Cons


    • Removes dirt & grime really well
    • Gives a cooling effect to the face
    • Packaging is sturdy and so it’s travel friendly
    • Lasts quite long and therefore it’s worth the money
    • Suitable for sensitive & oily skin
    • Available in different quantities, so if you wish try you can opt for the 50ml bottle as well


    • Not suitable for people with dry skin, as it tends to make the skin a bit dry
    • I have seen this face wash only at the Future Group outlets like Bigbazar & Easyday, so availability could be a problem
    • Though the face wash pack states that it helps prevent pimples, I don’t think it helped me in anyway to prevent pimples on my skin

    My ratings: I would give it a 7.5/10

    Hope you liked reading the post, do share your views too !!

    Disclaimer:The opinion is solely of my own and what may work for me may not work for you, so it is advisable to enquire well & do a patch test if possible before you use any services & products mentioned in the review