Swiss Tempelle – Deep Purifying Face wash Review

With so much pollution around, our skin gets easily covered with grime and all we need is something that helps to make our skin clean & supple.

Today I am going to review Swiss Tempelle – Deep Purifying Face wash.This was a random purchase that I made when I suddenly remembered at the payment counter that I had to buy a face wash. You can find this in any of the outlets of the Future Group (BigBazar, EasyDay).I bought it from EasyDay.

So let’s get started,

Name: Swiss Tempelle – Deep Purifying Face wash

Price: Rs. 125 for 100ml

Here is the list of the ingredients mentioned on the face wash, in case you wish to know

  • The face wash has a nice herbal fragrance
  • The texture & consistency is similar to that of a liquid transparent gel
  • Even if you use more quantity of the face wash, it doesn’t lather much to create foam
  • It does make the skin a bit dry but that is only for a few minutes after which the skin feels normal
  • It made my skin feel fresh & rejuvenated everytime I use it

To sum up the Pros and Cons


  • Removes dirt & grime really well
  • Gives a cooling effect to the face
  • Packaging is sturdy and so it’s travel friendly
  • Lasts quite long and therefore it’s worth the money
  • Suitable for sensitive & oily skin
  • Available in different quantities, so if you wish try you can opt for the 50ml bottle as well


  • Not suitable for people with dry skin, as it tends to make the skin a bit dry
  • I have seen this face wash only at the Future Group outlets like Bigbazar & Easyday, so availability could be a problem
  • Though the face wash pack states that it helps prevent pimples, I don’t think it helped me in anyway to prevent pimples on my skin

My ratings: I would give it a 7.5/10

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Disclaimer:The opinion is solely of my own and what may work for me may not work for you, so it is advisable to enquire well & do a patch test if possible before you use any services & products mentioned in the review

A Lovely Morning Breakfast ! My wish

It’s not every day that we get to start our day sitting in a cafe sipping some hot beverage along with a lip-smacking breakfast meal and yes chatting with our friends too!

Recently I decided to fulfil my wish to start off the day with breakfast at a cafe nearby and that is none other than Starbucks!

This post is not from the point of view of reviewing the cafe or the food, it is about spending some time; to slow down the fast-paced life we have and relax for sometime. To start with I decided to order a Chilli Cheese Toast and seeing this the health freak angel in me told me to balance it off with a cup of Green Tea instead of Hot Chocolate 😛 so here comes the Green Tea with my Chilly Cheese Toast!

(I generally eat early breakfast but today had a late one)

Since it was morning time, it wasn’t crowded at all and this made it even better for me to sit back & continue the gabfest with my friends.

I would like to end this post by saying that, it may not be possible for us to plan a vacation very often considering the busy schedule we all have and in order to compensate for this it’s nice to catch up with your family & friends and relax !! Oh yes and start to fulfil small wishes from your wishlist!

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Nectar – Pineapple & Valencia Orange juice Review

The biggest obstacle for anyone trying to get fit is being on a healthy diet. Often we sideline our health and realise its importance only when we end up at the doctor’s clinic. In my mission to stay fit, I came across Nectar – that serves cold pressed juices with no water, sugar & preservatives. Before I start with the review, let me tell you what is exactly a cold pressed juice?

What is a cold pressed juice?

The juice is extracted from fruits & vegetables using hydraulic press (method of applying extreme pressure using certain equipments to extract the juice). Cold pressed juices are considered to be expensive compared to other juices available in the market as they are made of 100% fruits & vegetables.

Benefits of Pineapples & Valencia Oranges

  • Pineapples help in supporting your immune system, for stronger bones & aids digestion
  • Valencia Oranges helps in lowering cholesterol levels, blood pressure and reduces risks of certain types of cancer

    Now that you know what is a cold pressed juice and the benefits of the fruits in the juice that I am going to review, so let’s get started !!

    Name : Nectar – Wellness Treasure

    Type of Juice : Pineapple & Valencia Orange cold pressed juice

    Price : Rs. 80/- for 200 ml

    For those who wish to know the nutritional content, here are the details :

    • The juice is delivered in a glass bottle which is a more eco-friendly option than a plastic one
    • The taste is truly nectarous, the sweet & sour taste of the oranges blend really well with the sweetness of the pineapples
    • Unlike a regular fruit juice which you can gulp down in a second the consistency of this juice is a bit more thick which I really like as it allows me to relish every sip of it, this is probably due to the pineapples which gives it, it’s lovely consistency
    • Nectar is true to its words as the taste of the juice is fresh with no water, no sugar or preservatives and tastes exactly how it would be, if we prepared it at home
    • Though you can store the juice for 72 hours but it is suggested to consume it within 48 hours since there are no preservatives in it. Generally I refrigerate the juice and keep it out for 15-20 minutes before consuming it

    To sum up the Pros & Cons


    • Smart option for those who cannot make healthy fruit juices at home
    • Affordable
    • Home Delivery – they also have monthly subscription plans
    • Variety of juices depending on your requirements
    • Truly fresh with no sugar, preservatives or water


    • Availability could be a problem, since it is available as of now only in Navi Mumbai
    • Since the bottle is made of glass it could be tampered unlike plastic bottles or tetra packs where it can be easily identified if the bottle has been tampered with

    My Ratings : I will give it a score of 8.5/10

    Below is their menu if you wish to order:

    You can visit their Insta & Fb page as well – Nectar_labs

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    What can possibly irritate your Sensitive Skin ?

    Many of us claim that we have sensitive skin but in reality what is sensitive skin? Does breaking out means you have sensitive skin? No, excess oil production in the skin causes pimples; this does not directly indicate that you have sensitive skin. In case of sensitive skin, the layers of the skin get irritated due to a number of internal & external factors causing redness, itching, bumps, pimples & dry patches, etc.

    It was hard for me to accept that I have sensitive skin because with sensitive skin one has limited options to try. I cannot try all the latest products that are available in the market and even some of the best brands don’t work on my skin. Every time I try a new product on my skin, it is more like a science lab experiment anything can happen; maybe a miracle or a disaster!

    Today I am going to tell you some trigger points that can irritate your sensitive skin

    Sun Damage

    Being exposed to the harmful rays of the sun causes itching, dry skin patches, redness on the exposed areas of the body & face.

    Beauty Products

    I always loved trying new products but slowly I realised that I had to stop this. Certain ingredients in the beauty products can provoke sensitive skin making it aggressive and red !I have to be careful in experimenting with new products.


    Pollution leads to a lot of skin problems for all skin types but for those with sensitive skin, extra care needs to be taken to control the sensitivity of the skin.


    Stress is the root cause for most of our problems in life and it can play havoc on your sensitive skin.

    Lack of Sleep

    Our skin repairs itself while we sleep; skin cells get renewed during sleep and thus beauty sleep is a must to soothe sensitive skin.

    Less Water Intake

    Water helps to flush out the toxins from the body and relieves sensitive skin. Less water intake causes serious damage, aggravating sensitive skin.

    Food intake

    Eating a lot of junk, processed & sugary food causes inflammation inside the body and this acts a trigger point in provoking sensitive skin.

    Hormonal Imbalance

    Any imbalance in the hormonal levels can be a nightmare for people with sensitive skin, making your skin angry & bumpy.

    Unhygienic habits

    Not keeping your hair & body clean and wearing unclean clothes can trouble your skin making it itchy, red with bumps all over.

    Temperature fluctuations & Weather conditions

    Sudden temperature change like using hot water for bathing can cause irritation for people with sensitive skin. Change in the weather leads to change in the temperature which again leads to trouble for sensitive skin.

    Active Ingredients

    Active Ingredients helps to improve the condition of the skin but too many active ingredients being used together does more of a harm than doing good.

    I hope you enjoyed reading this post and it will help you keep a track of the activities that can irritate your sensitive skin.

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    Golden Sweet !

    We all love to snack on something, be it during the tea time or surfing the internet. With the monsoons here it’s time to make something crispy, yummy and healthy.

    Today I am going to prepare a recipe which I call“The Golden Sweet“; technically it is a South Indian sweet dish from Kerala called Pazham Pori (where Pazham means Plantain & Pori refers to frying)

    Before I start with the recipe, let me tell you a few health benefits of Plantain that we will be using for this dish.

    Health benefits of eating Plantains

    • Good source of Potassium & Magnesium
    • Rich in Fiber, helps aid digestion
    • Good for controlling blood sugar level

    So let’s get started !!


    1.Nenthra Pazham/Etha Pazham/Ripe Plantain(you can find these in the Supermarkets or the South Indian grocery stores)

    2.Rice Flour

    3.Refined Flour

    4.Salt to taste

    5.Turmeric Powder


    7.Oil for frying

    How to prepare the Golden Sweet/Pazham Pori

    Step 1: Add 1 medium size cup of refined flour and 1/2 a cup of rice flour in a bowl,mix it well

    Step 2 :Add a pinch of turmeric powder & salt to taste

    Step 3: Add some water to mix the batter well, it should look like this

    Step 3 : Heat oil in a Karahi (vessel used for deep frying)

    Step 4 : Cut the bananas into slices as shown below (if you wish,you can cut them in different shapes as well)

    Step 5: Dip the banana slices in the batter and put them for frying in the karahi

    Step 6: keep turning the slices ,so that they get fried from all the sides and once they turn golden brown you can remove them. Place these golden sweets on a plate with a layer of tissue paper, to soak the excess oil.

    Step 7: Serve them hot ! and enjoy the Golden Sweet or shall I say Pazham Pori

    The best thing about this dish is that it is easy to make, the combination of crispy cover & plantain is just perfect.

    Credits– Thanks to my mum who helped me make this recipe

    I hope you enjoyed this post

    Try them and share your experience here

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    Himalaya Lip Balm Review Buy or Not to buy ?

    When the lips are dry & chapped or when you are just too lazy to apply a lip stick.Lipbalms are the best companion for our lips.

    Even though a regular petroleum jelly can do the job of a lip balm quite well;we would still want to get something that’s cute and made specifically for our lips.

    Today I am going to review a lip balm from the brand Himalaya

    Himalaya as a brand is about making cost effective herbal,natural products with less or no chemicals in it.

    So let’s get started !!

    Name :Himalaya Lip Balm

    Type : No colour , plain in nature

    Price :Rs.30/- for 10grams 🙂

    Ingredients: (almost strained my eyes trying to read the small words, but my PASHION for blogging kept me motivated)

    Oils of

    • Wheatgerm (Godhuma – Triticum Sativum)
    • Carrot (Garijara -Daucus Carota)
    • Castor oil/ castor bean plant (Eranda-Ricinus Communis)
    • Sweet Indrajao ( Hyamaraka -Wrightia Tinctoria
    • Coconut ( Narikela-Cocos Nucifera)

    Truly a Herbal product isn’t it ?

    (Back side of the lip balm)

    Coming to the analysis of the Lip balm

    • This is a simple lip balm and the colour is some what similar to that of a petroleum jelly
    • The consistency is not as thick as the petroleum jelly though, it feels quite light after applying
    • The key ingredients here are Wheatgerm & Carrot Seed Oil which is something unusual than the typical fruit lip balms we see in the stores

    (Wheatgerm oil is a rich source of Vitamin E,also helps moisturise & heal cracked, dry skin while Carrot seed oil is full of anti oxidants and helps moisturise skin)

    • It has a mild sweet fragrance which I really like
    • The lip balm does it’s job well of keeping the lips moisturised
    • It claims to act a sun screen for the lips; protecting it from the UV rays of the sun,though I haven’t been able to notice anything significant with respect to the protection from the UV rays,may be because I never observed this previously.

    To sum up the PROS & CONS,


    • Does it what it is supposed to do – protect & nourishes the lips
    • Cost effective (it’s almost 3months I am still using the same lip balm, I use this not more than twice a day and also before applying lipstick)
    • No colour so if you are someone who doesn’t like coloured lip balms this is one of the best to try
    • The packaging is such that it can be used directly onto the lips without having to mess your fingers
    • Travel friendly
    • In case you have forgotten,your hand cream,you can use the lip balm on your palms too !


    • Sometimes it leaves a whitish layer on the lips which I don’t like but then with so many benefits of this lip balm I can let go this point !!

    My Ratings : I would give it a 9.5/10 since I couldn’t find any other lip balm that is so economical to buy and also provides good quality product.

    (-0.5 since there is always scope for more:-P )

    I hope you enjoyed this post and should try this product at least once.

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    Disclaimer:The opinion is solely of my own and what may work for me may not work for you, so it is advisable to enquire well & do a patch test if possible before you use any services & products mentioned in the blog
    The Monsoon Diaries – Post 03

    The Monsoon Diaries – Post 03

    Another post from The Monsoon Diaries – collection of my season specific posts is here. In my previous posts I mentioned about Health Care,Skin Care and now it’s time for Hair Care.

    The rainy season makes hair care an uphill task with oily scalp,dandruff,frizzy hair & performances by the ‘The Lice Girls’ (I just realised it’s rhyming with the Spice Girls ! :-P) Most of us end up worrying about our hair care, feeling like there is nothing that can be done about it. Today I am going to share with you some tips to save your tresses from the mighty rains!

    • Hair Cleansing, some of you who may have observed that my first point is generally about cleansing. Cleansing will always remain the first and foremost important point.Just like we can get infections on our body similarly our hair is prone to infections too.Lice,dandruff during the rains are common.By cleansing we are protecting our scalp from being a breeding ground to all these problems. Try washing your hair at least 3 times a week.Also make sure to apply some oil on your hair before washing it.

    Image source :
    • Wet hair is the biggest problem for our tresses, no matter what you do to protect your hair, the rain drops somehow manage to fall on your hair and makes it wet. All these years we thought that dry scalp is the only reason behind the snow on our hair Oops ! I meant Dandruff.However wet hair & scalp causes dandruff too!. So do not tie your hair when it is wet as it will make your hair remain damp for too long.

    • Avoid going for any type of Hair treatments like smoothening, straightening,etc in the rains, this is because our hair is extremely fragile during the rains and using harsh chemicals would damage it even more.

    • Drink loads of boiled water/packaged water to make sure the body & hair remains hydrated and also avoid using hair dryers very often, this will help reduce the frizziness from the hair.

    • If you are planning for a hair cut and you are okay with trying something different than usual,then opt for shorter hair-cuts, since maintenance will be low & it will be easier to cover short hair with a rain cap.

    • Hair Fall is another common complaint of most women during this season.Since our hair is in a delicate state during this season, do not worry if there is a little more hair fall than usual (If you feel that the hair fall seems quite abnormal, then don’t hesitate to see a doctor). Avoid combing wet hair or drying it using a towel vigorously.Be gentle to your hair.

    I hope you all enjoyed the Third post of The Monsoon Diaries.

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