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Nectar – Pineapple & Valencia Orange juice Review

The biggest obstacle for anyone trying to get fit is being on a healthy diet. Often we sideline our health and realise its importance only when we end up at the doctor’s clinic. In my mission to stay fit, I came across Nectar – that serves cold pressed juices with no water, sugar & preservatives. Before I start with the review, let me tell you what is exactly a cold pressed juice?

What is a cold pressed juice?

The juice is extracted from fruits & vegetables using hydraulic press (method of applying extreme pressure using certain equipments to extract the juice). Cold pressed juices are considered to be expensive compared to other juices available in the market as they are made of 100% fruits & vegetables.

Benefits of Pineapples & Valencia Oranges

  • Pineapples help in supporting your immune system, for stronger bones & aids digestion
  • Valencia Oranges helps in lowering cholesterol levels, blood pressure and reduces risks of certain types of cancer

    Now that you know what is a cold pressed juice and the benefits of the fruits in the juice that I am going to review, so let’s get started !!

    Name : Nectar – Wellness Treasure

    Type of Juice : Pineapple & Valencia Orange cold pressed juice

    Price : Rs. 80/- for 200 ml

    For those who wish to know the nutritional content, here are the details :

    • The juice is delivered in a glass bottle which is a more eco-friendly option than a plastic one
    • The taste is truly nectarous, the sweet & sour taste of the oranges blend really well with the sweetness of the pineapples
    • Unlike a regular fruit juice which you can gulp down in a second the consistency of this juice is a bit more thick which I really like as it allows me to relish every sip of it, this is probably due to the pineapples which gives it, it’s lovely consistency
    • Nectar is true to its words as the taste of the juice is fresh with no water, no sugar or preservatives and tastes exactly how it would be, if we prepared it at home
    • Though you can store the juice for 72 hours but it is suggested to consume it within 48 hours since there are no preservatives in it. Generally I refrigerate the juice and keep it out for 15-20 minutes before consuming it

    To sum up the Pros & Cons


    • Smart option for those who cannot make healthy fruit juices at home
    • Affordable
    • Home Delivery – they also have monthly subscription plans
    • Variety of juices depending on your requirements
    • Truly fresh with no sugar, preservatives or water


    • Availability could be a problem, since it is available as of now only in Navi Mumbai
    • Since the bottle is made of glass it could be tampered unlike plastic bottles or tetra packs where it can be easily identified if the bottle has been tampered with

    My Ratings : I will give it a score of 8.5/10

    Below is their menu if you wish to order:

    You can visit their Insta & Fb page as well – Nectar_labs

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