Swiss Tempelle – Deep Purifying Face wash Review

With so much pollution around, our skin gets easily covered with grime and all we need is something that helps to make our skin clean & supple.

Today I am going to review Swiss Tempelle – Deep Purifying Face wash.This was a random purchase that I made when I suddenly remembered at the payment counter that I had to buy a face wash. You can find this in any of the outlets of the Future Group (BigBazar, EasyDay).I bought it from EasyDay.

So let’s get started,

Name: Swiss Tempelle – Deep Purifying Face wash

Price: Rs. 125 for 100ml

Here is the list of the ingredients mentioned on the face wash, in case you wish to know

  • The face wash has a nice herbal fragrance
  • The texture & consistency is similar to that of a liquid transparent gel
  • Even if you use more quantity of the face wash, it doesn’t lather much to create foam
  • It does make the skin a bit dry but that is only for a few minutes after which the skin feels normal
  • It made my skin feel fresh & rejuvenated everytime I use it

To sum up the Pros and Cons


  • Removes dirt & grime really well
  • Gives a cooling effect to the face
  • Packaging is sturdy and so it’s travel friendly
  • Lasts quite long and therefore it’s worth the money
  • Suitable for sensitive & oily skin
  • Available in different quantities, so if you wish try you can opt for the 50ml bottle as well


  • Not suitable for people with dry skin, as it tends to make the skin a bit dry
  • I have seen this face wash only at the Future Group outlets like Bigbazar & Easyday, so availability could be a problem
  • Though the face wash pack states that it helps prevent pimples, I don’t think it helped me in anyway to prevent pimples on my skin

My ratings: I would give it a 7.5/10

Hope you liked reading the post, do share your views too !!

Disclaimer:The opinion is solely of my own and what may work for me may not work for you, so it is advisable to enquire well & do a patch test if possible before you use any services & products mentioned in the review

A Lovely Morning Breakfast ! My wish

It’s not every day that we get to start our day sitting in a cafe sipping some hot beverage along with a lip-smacking breakfast meal and yes chatting with our friends too!

Recently I decided to fulfil my wish to start off the day with breakfast at a cafe nearby and that is none other than Starbucks!

This post is not from the point of view of reviewing the cafe or the food, it is about spending some time; to slow down the fast-paced life we have and relax for sometime. To start with I decided to order a Chilli Cheese Toast and seeing this the health freak angel in me told me to balance it off with a cup of Green Tea instead of Hot Chocolate 😛 so here comes the Green Tea with my Chilly Cheese Toast!

(I generally eat early breakfast but today had a late one)

Since it was morning time, it wasn’t crowded at all and this made it even better for me to sit back & continue the gabfest with my friends.

I would like to end this post by saying that, it may not be possible for us to plan a vacation very often considering the busy schedule we all have and in order to compensate for this it’s nice to catch up with your family & friends and relax !! Oh yes and start to fulfil small wishes from your wishlist!

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How to style with a pair of Earrings !!

Be it a wedding, formal event or a casual brunch with friends; you can style your outfit with just a pair of earrings! So let’s get started

  • Simple studs

    These are the best for styling your office wear and for other formal events. You can wear these crystal studs or go for simple black studs

    • Colourful & Statement Studs

      You don’t always need a dress to make that style statement. You can rely on your colourful & statement studs to do the job for you

      • Hoop earrings

      Sometimes you need to be loud & clear to express yourself, hoop earrings are great to help you express your style statement better

      • Hanging earrings

      Hanging earrings give a strong feminine touch to your entire look. For those who do not like wearing heavy hanging earrings you can opt for the light weight versions of these earrings

      • Pearl earrings

      Pearls are a symbol of elegance and can make you look absolutely chic with any outfit. You can wear pearls in the form of studs or hanging earrings and make yourself feel like a princess

      • Jhumka style earrings

      If you cannot find the right colour of earrings to wear with your Indian outfits opt for oxidised jhumkas. These are a perfect match for any Indian outfit and you can never go wrong with it

      I hope you enjoyed reading this post & let me know which one would you like to try ?

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      The Monsoon Diaries – Post 03

      The Monsoon Diaries – Post 03

      Another post from The Monsoon Diaries – collection of my season specific posts is here. In my previous posts I mentioned about Health Care,Skin Care and now it’s time for Hair Care.

      The rainy season makes hair care an uphill task with oily scalp,dandruff,frizzy hair & performances by the ‘The Lice Girls’ (I just realised it’s rhyming with the Spice Girls ! :-P) Most of us end up worrying about our hair care, feeling like there is nothing that can be done about it. Today I am going to share with you some tips to save your tresses from the mighty rains!

      • Hair Cleansing, some of you who may have observed that my first point is generally about cleansing. Cleansing will always remain the first and foremost important point.Just like we can get infections on our body similarly our hair is prone to infections too.Lice,dandruff during the rains are common.By cleansing we are protecting our scalp from being a breeding ground to all these problems. Try washing your hair at least 3 times a week.Also make sure to apply some oil on your hair before washing it.

      Image source :
      • Wet hair is the biggest problem for our tresses, no matter what you do to protect your hair, the rain drops somehow manage to fall on your hair and makes it wet. All these years we thought that dry scalp is the only reason behind the snow on our hair Oops ! I meant Dandruff.However wet hair & scalp causes dandruff too!. So do not tie your hair when it is wet as it will make your hair remain damp for too long.

      • Avoid going for any type of Hair treatments like smoothening, straightening,etc in the rains, this is because our hair is extremely fragile during the rains and using harsh chemicals would damage it even more.

      • Drink loads of boiled water/packaged water to make sure the body & hair remains hydrated and also avoid using hair dryers very often, this will help reduce the frizziness from the hair.

      • If you are planning for a hair cut and you are okay with trying something different than usual,then opt for shorter hair-cuts, since maintenance will be low & it will be easier to cover short hair with a rain cap.

      • Hair Fall is another common complaint of most women during this season.Since our hair is in a delicate state during this season, do not worry if there is a little more hair fall than usual (If you feel that the hair fall seems quite abnormal, then don’t hesitate to see a doctor). Avoid combing wet hair or drying it using a towel vigorously.Be gentle to your hair.

      I hope you all enjoyed the Third post of The Monsoon Diaries.

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      The Monsoon Diaries (Post 02) Skin Care

      The Monsoon Diaries (Post 02) Skin Care

      Once again welcome to The Monsoon Diaries Post- 02′; my collection of season specific posts.

      Today I am going to discuss about the second category to this collection which is about Skin Care.

      The largest external organ of human body is the ‘Skin’, during the rainy season, the humidity levels are high making our skin prone to bacterial & fungal infections.This makes it important for us to take good care our skin.

      • Cleansing our skin,I have mentioned this in the first post as well that it’s extremely important to keep the surface of our skin clean.Remember to take bath twice a day, once in the morning and once at night after you return home.

      • You can add a few drops of essential oils like Tea Tree oil in the water while taking a bath. I will not suggest using an anti-septic liquid like Dettol or Savlon to be mixed with water for bathing as they are harsh on the skin.Instead use their body wash or soaps as they are specifically made for the skin.

      • Keeping yourself Dry, moisture or dampness on your body will become the breeding ground for bacteria or fungus, hence always try to keep yourself dry especially between the fingers of your hands & legs.Use a clean towel to pat yourself dry after you get wet ,you can also use talcum powder on your body.

      • For all those who thought they can give up wearing Sunscreen for the next few months,here is a bad news for them; we should use the sunscreen even during the rainy season as the harmful rays of the sun are still active (Some of you reading this will be thinking that we anyway never apply sunscreen HaHa 😛 !,In that case let me tell you that using a sunscreen is crucial to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun,however it is never too late start it from today to use a sunscreen).

      • Change the products, the condition of our skin differs from season to season, during the summer it tends to be more oily & in winters it is dry as a desert, which is why we may have to change a few of our products depending on how our skin behaves this monsoon.

      • Foot soak, add some Epsom Salts (technically Magnesium Sulphate) to lukewarm water and dip your feet in it, this will help to remove the stinky odour & also heals any kind of infections caused due to bacteria or fungus. I would suggest to do a pedicure at home if it’s possible and to avoid any pedicures at beauty salons during monsoon or get it done by an extremely hygienic salon, reason being our nails tend to accumulate lot of dirt and if the instruments used are not well kept chances are that you may end up getting an infection.

      • People with high diabetes are more susceptible, since any form of infection on their body would take a lot of time to heal and may lead to severe consequences.Thus they should keep a check for any signs of infections especially in between the toes.

      I hope you enjoyed the second post to The Monsoon Diaries,

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      In case you missed ‘ The Monsoon Diaries – Post 01’ see it here

      The Monsoon Diaries- Post 01

      The Monsoon Diaries- Post 01

      Welcome to The Monsoon Diaries – my collection of a season specific posts, here I am going to talk about all that you need to keep in mind this monsoon season.
      I have divided the Monsoon diaries into different categories – today’s Post-01 is about Health Care.
      Overview of the Season:
      Rains are quite controversial in India;it will just drizzle in one year causing draughts or pours so heavily in another year causing floods !
      It is our immunity system that first starts feeling the pinch of the rains with cold, cough, fever, stomach upset and what not ! this is because the bacteria formation is quite high in this season, especially with the Nipah Virus around this year, there is nothing more important than healthcare.
      So Let’s start with our First post to the Monsoon Diaries – Health Care
      1. Water

      • Water-borne diseases are very common this season. It happens because of contaminated water being used for drinking, cooking,etc.
      • The best way to avoid this is by using boiled water to drink or else packaged drinking water in case you do not have access to boiled water.
      • Do not consume tap water,outside beverages like fruit juices, or snacks like Pani Puri from outside.

      2. Food

      • Freshly prepared home – made food is always the best.
      • In case you have to eat outside, avoid eating from street vendors, instead opt for hygienic restaurants (Remember not all restaurants are hygienic- so be careful when you choose one)
      • When in restaurants opt for food items that are cooked well like Khichdi, tea,etc. (This will ensure the water gets boiled when the food is cooked)
      • Avoid having leafy vegetables, since leafy vegetables are grown in swamps, they are more prone to bacteria growing on them (for those who hate leafy veggies, they will surely have an evil smile on their face; for now they have found an excuse !)
      • If at all one has to consume leafy veggies make sure to wash them properly with warm water & salt.
      • Avoid heavy meals, non-veg as they are heavy to digest. Rainy season is the breeding time for most fishes so even better to avoid them (this is probably the scientific reason to the religious practices of abstaining from non-veg food or fasting in the monsoon season by many religions in India!)
      • Before you prepare any meal, it is better to cook all your veggies to be safe.
      • I know how much we all crave those tea time with Pakoras in the rains, but please try to make sure you don’t over eat them.

      3. Stay Hygienic

      • With all that splash & puddle jumping in dirty water, you are definitely going to bring home guests for dinner;none other than the famous bacteria responsible for malaria, chikungunya, dengue,etc(Wow you will be surprised to know how popular your new guests are !). So it is crucial to keep your body clean.
      • If you suffer from cold, cough remember to carry tissues for the sneezy moments, avoid shaking hands with others in order to control the spread of the bacteria.Always wash your hands with hand wash or else use a hand sanitizer.

      4. Immunity Boosters & Exercise

      • Herbal teas are the best for this weather to give you that extra goodness of nature along with fun of having tea in the rains looking at the rain drops dancing on your window pane.

      • For those who did outdoor exercises only,it’s time to shift to indoor exercises options like Yoga, Zumba etc.Add to your daily routine a dollop of immunity booster like Chavanprash,(an Ayurvedic jam – which contains many herbs to boost your immunity).Consume as per the instructions specified on the bottle/ as per your doctor.

      I hope you enjoyed The Monsoon Diaries -Post 01
      Let me know what’s your favourite part about the rains ?
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      Are these many items in the wardrobe enough ?

      Are these many items in the wardrobe enough ?

      Cluttered wardrobes, overflowing accessories is a waste of time, money & energy. With the advent of online shopping most of us are on an impulsive shopping spree because it does not take much of an effort to get your dress delivered to your door step with just a click of a button.

      You need not have an entire shopping mall inside your wardrobe to look elegant & stylish. In fact the art of being elegant & stylish is to invest in good quality wardrobe and mix & match them.

      Today I am going to list down the ‘The Wardrobe Essentials and remember that these are the minimum essential items we must try to keep in our wardrobes)

      So Lets get started ..!!

      1. Denims
      woman in red tank top with brown scarf standing near black wooden door closed
      Photo by Tim Savage on

      Simplest & stylish of all,is our all time favourite denims.You can have it in two shades; Dark Blue & Black skinny jeans.

      2. Shirt & Blouse

      Classic white shirt is a timeless piece to have in our wardrobes.

      A blouse/top that goes well for both formal as well as informal events is also an essential item to have in our wardrobes.

      3. Trousers

      Trousers/Pants are a necessity for daily office wear.Since we are in our offices most of the days, we need to have at least 3 pairs of trousers. You can opt for Black, Grey & Navy blue coloured trousers.

      4. Casual Tees, T-shirts

      Buy good quality Tees in the colours Black, white, beige. If you are the kind of person who likes colours in their wardrobe, you can go for a darker shade of red like a Mahogany or Crimson, Mustard colour, pale pink as well.

      5. Traditional Outfits

      Depending on which country you belong to; you will have to keep a few basic pieces of your traditional outfit. If you live in India then Kurti & Leggings, Churidar/Salwar Kameez or a Saree should be a part of your wardrobe.

      6. Dresses

      If you wear one piece then it’s best to have a ‘Little Black Dress-LBD’ or a navy blue coloured dress. (The credits of the idea behind the LBD is given to the French Fashion Designer Coco Chanel & Jean Patou for their designs created in the 1920s).What a stylish history isn’t it ?

      7. Blazers & Jackets

      A Blazer or a Jacket can give a lovely twist to any simple outfit that you wear.Team up a blazer with a tee and a pair of jeans would be a great look for any semi-formal event.

      If you wear trench coats, invest in a good quality trench coat to give you a chic look.

      Even a scarf can change the look of the entire outfit. So try adding a scarf to any boring outfit and see the magic for yourself !

      8. Accessorise

      Good choice of accessories can make even a simple outfit look like a master piece. Here the trick is to select accessories that would go well with most of the outfits in your wardrobe.

      I hope you all have enjoyed this post,be your own stylist; mix & match the wardrobe essentials to create new looks every time you step out.

      Have a wonderful day,

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