How to style with a pair of Earrings !!

Be it a wedding, formal event or a casual brunch with friends; you can style your outfit with just a pair of earrings! So let’s get started

  • Simple studs

    These are the best for styling your office wear and for other formal events. You can wear these crystal studs or go for simple black studs

    • Colourful & Statement Studs

      You don’t always need a dress to make that style statement. You can rely on your colourful & statement studs to do the job for you

      • Hoop earrings

      Sometimes you need to be loud & clear to express yourself, hoop earrings are great to help you express your style statement better

      • Hanging earrings

      Hanging earrings give a strong feminine touch to your entire look. For those who do not like wearing heavy hanging earrings you can opt for the light weight versions of these earrings

      • Pearl earrings

      Pearls are a symbol of elegance and can make you look absolutely chic with any outfit. You can wear pearls in the form of studs or hanging earrings and make yourself feel like a princess

      • Jhumka style earrings

      If you cannot find the right colour of earrings to wear with your Indian outfits opt for oxidised jhumkas. These are a perfect match for any Indian outfit and you can never go wrong with it

      I hope you enjoyed reading this post & let me know which one would you like to try ?

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      Be Pashionably Intelligent !!

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      The Monsoon Diaries- Final Post

      The Monsoon Diaries- Final Post

      Today is my final post to The Monsoon Diaries, I think by now we have almost braced ourselves to fight the mighty rains but one question remains “What to Wear this Monsoon ?”.

      Travelling in the rains makes me feel like I am in a Water-Park, with rain drops coming from all sides inside the trains,flooded streets,traffic,splash of water when you walk on the road.However most of us cannot afford to stay back at home and have to go through all the rides of the Water-Park.

      Here our main problem is dressing up,this is a challenging task for all of us.Today I am going to share with you some tips to dress up smartly this monsoon season !

      • Tops & Tunics – Say Hi to Synthetic, Nylon, Polyester material based tops, tunics, kurtis, shirts reason being they tend to dry up quickly, so in case you get wet or you have washed your clothes and put them to dry, these will dry up quickly.As much as possible avoid wearing Cotton clothes.

      • Pants,Leggings – Using Lycra material based Pants, leggings would be the best.You can also opt for synthetic Palazzos that’s easy to lift while you walk through puddles.

      • Colour of Clothing – This is something we all know, but in case you didn’t then here it is, avoid wearing light coloured clothes especially White since it will not only get dirty easily but also becomes transparent in case you get drenched in the rains.This does not mean that we all have to dress up like the Dementors in the Harry Potter Series (I have put a photo of how they look in case you haven’t seen them). Apart from Black you can go for darker shades of Blue,Brown, Red &Green as well.

      This is how the Dementors look 😛 (now you can relate to what I said)

      Image source:
      • Bags – For all those who carry Backpacks/Rucksacks this is your season Cheers ! but don’t worry girls in case you still want to use handbags/totes opt for the water proof ones or go for plastic, nylon bags etc.

      • Footwear – Boots are the best but in India the water levels may rise above the length of your boots making it look like water storage tanks another problem with boots is, it is difficult to find rainy boots here.If any one of you knows where we can find them please share in the comment box below. Remember the following points before you buy your perfect rainy footwear :

      -Go for sturdy ones which is easy to clean

      -Check the sole of the footwear, it should not be plain because chances are high that you may slip while walking on wet streets.

      – Don’t buy the ones that have velvet or any other cloth like material on it, this will soak water and keep the shoes wet for a long time .

      – Avoid full closed shoes unless they are specific ones for the rains, it is better to opt for the ones with small holes like patterns on it that lets the water out which gets collected inside from time to time.

      • Rain-coats & Umbrellas – Rainy Season is incomplete without a rain coat, always try wearing it before you buy them to know if it will do the job of protecting you from the rains well (you can also try the coat with your backpack on to know if it fits well) For Umbrellas, invest in a sturdy one since rains are accompanied by gusty winds, you really don’t want to look like your standing on the road with a dish antenna ! Check the Poppy Umbrellas , they have some really cool umbrellas (I have mentioned about them in my post ‘B for Bermuda Triangle & B for Bag‘) in case you missed that , no worries you can read them right here

      • Accessories – it is better to go for minimal accessories because chances are high that the rains may spoil the accessories.

      • Backup – We have all heard of data backup but for the rains do a dress backup store one of your outfits in your office or bag, this really helps because sometimes no matter what you to do,the rains will catch hold of you. It is a complete No ! to sit wet the whole day as you may fall sick & even feel uncomfortable,so keeping a dress as a backup will be quite useful.

      I hope you have enjoyed the Final Post of The Monsoon Diaries.

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      Are these many items in the wardrobe enough ?

      Are these many items in the wardrobe enough ?

      Cluttered wardrobes, overflowing accessories is a waste of time, money & energy. With the advent of online shopping most of us are on an impulsive shopping spree because it does not take much of an effort to get your dress delivered to your door step with just a click of a button.

      You need not have an entire shopping mall inside your wardrobe to look elegant & stylish. In fact the art of being elegant & stylish is to invest in good quality wardrobe and mix & match them.

      Today I am going to list down the ‘The Wardrobe Essentials and remember that these are the minimum essential items we must try to keep in our wardrobes)

      So Lets get started ..!!

      1. Denims
      woman in red tank top with brown scarf standing near black wooden door closed
      Photo by Tim Savage on

      Simplest & stylish of all,is our all time favourite denims.You can have it in two shades; Dark Blue & Black skinny jeans.

      2. Shirt & Blouse

      Classic white shirt is a timeless piece to have in our wardrobes.

      A blouse/top that goes well for both formal as well as informal events is also an essential item to have in our wardrobes.

      3. Trousers

      Trousers/Pants are a necessity for daily office wear.Since we are in our offices most of the days, we need to have at least 3 pairs of trousers. You can opt for Black, Grey & Navy blue coloured trousers.

      4. Casual Tees, T-shirts

      Buy good quality Tees in the colours Black, white, beige. If you are the kind of person who likes colours in their wardrobe, you can go for a darker shade of red like a Mahogany or Crimson, Mustard colour, pale pink as well.

      5. Traditional Outfits

      Depending on which country you belong to; you will have to keep a few basic pieces of your traditional outfit. If you live in India then Kurti & Leggings, Churidar/Salwar Kameez or a Saree should be a part of your wardrobe.

      6. Dresses

      If you wear one piece then it’s best to have a ‘Little Black Dress-LBD’ or a navy blue coloured dress. (The credits of the idea behind the LBD is given to the French Fashion Designer Coco Chanel & Jean Patou for their designs created in the 1920s).What a stylish history isn’t it ?

      7. Blazers & Jackets

      A Blazer or a Jacket can give a lovely twist to any simple outfit that you wear.Team up a blazer with a tee and a pair of jeans would be a great look for any semi-formal event.

      If you wear trench coats, invest in a good quality trench coat to give you a chic look.

      Even a scarf can change the look of the entire outfit. So try adding a scarf to any boring outfit and see the magic for yourself !

      8. Accessorise

      Good choice of accessories can make even a simple outfit look like a master piece. Here the trick is to select accessories that would go well with most of the outfits in your wardrobe.

      I hope you all have enjoyed this post,be your own stylist; mix & match the wardrobe essentials to create new looks every time you step out.

      Have a wonderful day,

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      B for Bermuda Triangle & B for Bag

      It is only when you are standing at the busy counter in a bank to sign the documents you realise you have to dig deep inside your bag to search for a pen ! As if there is a Bermuda Triangle inside the bag – what goes in is never to be found again !!

      When you have got your periods but you cannot find a pad inside the Bermuda triangle bag so you decide to take one from your friend but soon realise that there are many Triangles and Black holes in their bags too !!(Black hole is a place from where items tend to disappear just like our bags.)

      Today I am going to share with you some basic items that we should carry in our bags and how not to have a Black hole or a Bermuda Triangle inside your bag !!

      1.Type of Bag to use

      Selecting a bag for daily use is as important as the items you will choose to store in it, so it is crucial to select the right type & size of the bag for your daily use. If you have to attend classes/college and you need to carry many books or you have to stay outdoors for a very longtime and spend most of your time travelling it would be best to use a college backpack.

      In case of tote bags make sure to have compartments or use the pouch system to store things as this will help keep things in place.

      You can also use a Multipurpose pouch which is quite handy in case you like changing bags frequently.

      (A multi purpose pouch helps you to store all your stuff in one place and just pick this pouch and place it in the bag you wish to use).

      2. Wallet

      Something we are familiar with – a wallet is a must have wherever you go because you can never predict what would happen next in life – who knows while taking a stroll during the office lunch break there is a sale nearby? you surely do not want to miss it Right ?

      On a serious note in case there is an emergency, it is always better to carry a wallet in your bag.

      3. Mobile Phone

      We would probably forget to carry our brains but never our phones so this is one item that we will surely remember to carry with us wherever we go.

      One trick here is to use a phone cover that would be visible when it’s deep inside the bag, a pure black cover is a little tough to find so you can opt for some bright colours.

      4. Medical kit

      You need not carry a full size First Aid box or a fire extinguisher but you should surely carry a small pouch in which you can store some sanitary pads (carry more than one always, our friends trust us more than they trust their own-selves when it comes to sanitary pads),some basic medicines for cough, headache, band aid,etc.

      5.Makeup pouch

      Even though all of us may not be applying makeup every now and then but we all carry a small kohl (Kajal as we call it), lip balm, wet wipes, pocket perfume. It is better to store them all in one place in a pouch rather than having to dig for them in the bag.

      6. Stationery kit

      If you have already completed your education and currently working, I would still suggest you to carry a small diary or a note-pad of your own and a black pen( a black pen specifically because most of the applications, forms etc are all to be filled in Black so it’s always handy to have one with you).

      7. Snacks & Bottle of Water

      Those days in office when you have to sit late and suddenly hear the growls of an animal from your stomach, this is going to be your saviour; a nutrition bar or few dried berries.

      Keeping in mind that it is easiest to catch a disease through water, it’s always a safe option to carry your own bottle.

      8. Earphones and other electronic gadgets

      To enjoy the boring train journeys we love plugging in the earphones and listen to our favourite tracks. The trick here is to keep a small zipper pouch to store the earphone or else on the next train journey you probably will have to play ‘Entangled’ with your earphones by the time you reach !

      9. A pair of Sunglasses

      If not for the sunlight but surely for the selfie clicks we would like to take randomly during the day !!

      You should use a pair of sunglasses if you travel in the sun as it helps you protect your eyes from the harsh sun rays.

      10. Umbrella

      Wild card entry in this list is of an ‘Umbrella’ as the monsoons approach, we really would not want to have an unexpected rain dance moment on the streets so depending on the monsoons remember to carry an umbrella.

      You can also buy umbrellas from the brand Poppy – these are really cool as they come in really small sizes so it is convenient to carry. A new type of umbrella that they have come up with is one which has a tracking system to trace your umbrella in case you have forgotten it somewhere.You can find these on online websites.

      I hope you enjoyed reading it.

      Please let me know if there are more things you can suggest to save the Bag from becoming a Bermuda Triangle or a Black hole in the comment box below.

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